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Government Funded DFE Approved Senior Mental Health Lead Training Programme

Providing Creative Solutions for Social Issues

Believing that the quality of people's lives matter.

Social Work Projects works with clients and creates projects designed to offer innovative and user focused services in the social care and early years environment.

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Social Work Projects UK Limited provides a wide spectrum of services and interventions within the social and mental health sectors in England and Wales. The company was established in 2010,

and has worked with a range of Local Authorities, Private providers, and service users.

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Our Current Services

DFE Approved Specialist Mental Health Training

Mental Health Interventions - Integrative Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Consultancy for Providers

Business Services for Providers

Supported and Supervised Contact Facilities

Affordable Elderly Care Solutions

LifeStory Services

Quality Training - CPD Accredited 

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